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Where it all began.

When Jasmine was a baby and young child the only time she wanted to leave the house was to go to the swimming pool. We would go to our local pool and she would spend most of the time frightening lifeguards by just lying on the bottom of the pool. She taught herself to swim what we called Jasmine paddle dolphin legs and dog paddle arms. When Jasmine started school she was enrolled in swimming lessons at the local pool. The swimming teacher very quietly told me I was wasting my money and suggested I took her to the local swimming club who were starting a disability session. This was the start to make a session that fitted the children not a session that the children had to fit into. From that small seed and a lot of wrong turns Bambers Inclusive swimming evolved

What Makes Us Different?

We are Occupational Therapy led, by our in house Occupational Therapist. 

What is an Occupational Therapist?

An Occupational Therapist makes adaptations to allow people to live the life they should be living, doing the activities they should be doing at any point in their lives, by adapting around their disability. Swimming is the Occupation and we adapt to be person centred and meet swimmers needs. This can be done either using equipment or adapting strokes.

Occupational Therapist is a protected title and can only be used by those HCPC and RCOT registered.

We think of Bambers as our Butterfly. The Butterfly effect, the idea that a small change will make a huge difference to a person’s future by teaching them a life skill while growing their confidence, teaching them how to learn and improving their well being. It allows people who would struggle with “classic” exercise pathways to have fun and do something that aids their body and their minds.